The battle continues in Kiev

10:48 - 26/02/2022

The war continues in Kiev and Ukraine announces: It has faced Russian attacks.


On the third day of the war, the Russian army continues its advance into the Ukrainian lands and the Ukrainian army says: They confronted the Russian army and blocked the main road to Kiev, the capital, from the Moscow army.


Russian media reported last night that the Russian army advanced from the eastern part to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and that there were violent confrontations.


Meanwhile, a warning bell was ringing for the second time in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, as the Russian army approached Kiev. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, On the first day of the attack, 137 Ukrainians were killed and 317 others injured, describing NATO members as cowards and saying, "Who is there to guarantee Ukraine's membership in the organization?"


The President of Ukraine revealed that his country needs real help from the international community. Media reports said that at least 100,000 people left their homes in the wake of the Russian attack on Ukraine, and some of whom left the country, while others have gone to the safe areas.

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