Iraq's oil income recorded the highest level in history.

09:49 - 02/07/2022

The Iraqi ministry of oil announced oil revenues in June this year and announced that oil revenues had recorded the highest level in Iraq's history.


the oil ministry announced that the Oil revenues for June were 11 billion and 505 million dollars, selling 101 million and 191,000 barrels of oil, the largest oil revenue in Iraq's history.



He also pointed out that 97 million barrels of crude oil were sold in the southern fields, 980,589 in Kirkuk's oil fields, as well as two million and 910,000 and 887 barrels of crude oil  were sold last month.


He also says that crude oil is sold daily for an average of three million dollars and 373 barrels of crude oil for 113 dollars and 70 cents.

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