Today, it is expected the independent MPs will decide to settle out.

06:15 - 14/05/2022

The 40 independent parliamentarians are scheduled to announce their final stance today and present their initiative to resolve Iraq's political deadlock, pass the presidential election and form a new government.


Political experts believe that after the majority government's initiative and agreement failed, politicians are now looking to present or set aside a project on independent PMs.


The Coordination Framework and the Sadrists have each submitted a proposal for the independents and have not yet announced their final attitude.

Independent MPs will hold a press conference in front of the House of Representatives on Saturday at 11 am to express their final position on the political situation and make a final decision.


Meanwhile, more than seven months after the early elections, the president has not been elected after three sessions and Iraq is going through a political deadlock and several initiatives have been put forward to save the country from this situation, but none of them have succeeded.

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