The content of the co-ordination framework initiative.

06:46 - 04/05/2022

The Coordination Framework demands that the political parties begin discussions without preconditions, and calls for the Kurdish parties regarding the post of president.


Late last night, they announced a new initiative that includes nine points. At the first point, they demanded all parties to sit at the negotiating table and discuss to resolve Iraq's political situation, without any preconditions, and called on the Kurdish parties to reach an agreement on the post of president.


In another part of its initiative, cooperation framework for called for the right of Iraq's largest component to form the largest parliamentary faction and appoint a prime minister to be protected.


They also revealed that with their allies will form a negotiating committee to begin conciliation with the parties.


Regarding the participation of political parties in the next government, the issue of participating or becoming an opposition is an open option and should not be imposed on any parties. 




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