Al-Hakim: We warn against passing unbalanced alliances.

07:53 - 03/05/2022

National Hikma Movement leader Ammar al-Hakim has warned of the political situation in Iraq and believes the situation must be resolved quickly.

"I say it clearly, with care and love, that the process of political breakage does not serve a party, does not build a country, does not achieve a goal, and will increase the complexities that exist," hakim said during the Eid al-Fitr prayer sermon.


The head of the National Wisdom Movement declared that the political situation in Iraq is in a sensitive situation and needs a real and rapid solution and review to get us out of the political situation, and we strongly warn against attempts to overcome those unbalanced alliances.

"Seven months after the previous elections in Iraq, we still see a lot of delays in forming a new government for the Iraqi government, which is contrary to the points made in the previous elections and a lot of money has been spent for," he said.


"The political situation in the country under sensitive circumstances needs to be reviewed and addressed realistically and quickly, moving us from a state of blockage to a breakthrough, from stalemate to mobility and from intersection to understanding," he said.

"There is a strong need to try to pass unbalanced alliances that go beyond the right of the larger component to nominate a prime minister or realignment of past experiences that have only produced further complexity and confusion in reality," he warned.

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