Sadr: We are committed to forming a majority government.

10:30 - 29/04/2022

The Sadr movement insists on their commitment to forming a majority government and protecting the (saving the homeland) Alliance and refuses to have any meetings with the coordination framework on forming a government.


Hassan al-Azari, head of the Sadr Movement faction, and Ahmed Matri, head of the movement's political committee, issued a joint statement on rumors of the Sadr movement's meeting with the cooperation framework and the possibility of reaching an agreement.


It is stated in The Azari and Matri's statement: they reject all the rumors that talk about having a meeting and agreement between the coordination Framework and Sadr movement and all these rumors are false. They describe the principle and say that since Muqtada al-Sadr gave Ramadan an opportunity for cooperation to form the government, they have not had any relations or meetings with the coordination Framework.


They also pointed out that the allegations are in order to crack down on their alliance with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Sunnis, stressing that the Sadr movement is committed to protecting the principles of forming a majority government and their alliance.


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