Tomorrow, the activist Brevan Ayoub will be in trail.

09:00 - 27/02/2022

The Badinan woman activist, who was detained for 17 months, is scheduled to stand in trial tomorrow (February 28th), and KNN publishes the latest picture of the activist in prison.

Kamran Mulla Osman, a member of the CPT Kurdistan team, told KNN that Brevan Ayoub Hassan, an activist in the 2020 demonstrations in Dohuk province on October 13 last year, was arrested on charges of "sabotage national security" and held in prison for 17 months.

Berivan, 36, has got five children and her husband separated from her after her arrest. 


" Berivan's case is not only a simple case, but also considered as activists' cases from Badinan, and human rights groups should be present on the day of her trial and the court should be told to conduct a fair trial of Brevan," said a member of the CPT.

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