Four Kurdish parties rejects manual recount results, file a lawsuit over fraud

12:52 - 11/08/2018

The Four Kurdish parties have rejects the partial manual recount results and decided to  file a lawsuit in Iraqi federal court in Baghdad over rigging elections results.

Four Kurdish parties leader are meet on Saturday to discuss the Iraq's May 12 election results  following the partial manual recount as well as they discuss the upcoming Kurdistan parliamentary election.

In the statement released after the meeting, the four parties rejects the process of partial manual recount and its results announced by Iraq‌s Independent High Election Commission (IHEC)

"We consider the manual recount process is just for cover the systematic fraud in May 12 elections." the statement added

The General coordinator of the  Change Movement (Gorran),  Omer Sayid Ali, The head of Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ), Barham Salih, The Secretary General of Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Salahadin Bahaadin and Ameer of Islamic Group (Komal), Ali Bapir are meeting in Gorran‌s main headquarters in Zargata Hill in Sulaymaniyah to make their position on Iraq‌s political process after declaration of election results after manual recount.

The four parties also vows to take all legal and constitutional actions against the fraud  leaders will discuss the current situation in Iraqi following the disputed election and they will take serious stance toward stealing  people's votes in May 12 election.

"We will work together in Baghdad and step forward to defense Kurdish nation right due to Iraqi constitution." The Four parties added

Gorran, CDJ, KIU, Komal call on Kurdistan electoral commission to work hard to guarantee a fair election for upcoming Kurdistan parliamentary election.


Iraq‌s Independent High Election Commission (IHEC) released the results of the recount on its website early on Friday. Parliament ordered the recount in June after widespread allegations of fraud cast doubt on the integrity of the ballot.

The IHEC said the results of the recount matched the initial results from 13 of Iraq‌s 18 provinces. The Four parties have rejects the May 12 election results over rigging and called for full manual recount, but the newly selected commission judges had decided on to manual recount for only disputed boxes.

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