In a week, nearly 80 thousand people visited Kurdistan region

11:36 - 14/08/2022

The Media and Information Office reported that 158,843 people visited the Kurdistan Region within a week in the administration of the border gate residence.


According to statistics from the KRG's Interior Ministry, between August 5, 2022 and August 11, 2022, 158,843 people were in the directorate of the border gate residence, visited kurdistan region, 43,166 of them through Erbil International Airport, 9,43 through Sulaimaniyah International Airport, 16,434 through Haji Omaran International Gate, and 71 1,469 of them were through the Ibrahim Khalil International Gate, 15,121 through the Bashmakh International Gate, and 3,610 through the Parwezkhan International Gate.



Regarding the arrival of foreigners to The Kurdistan Region, it has been clarified that 41,761 people visited the Kurdistan Region this week, 10,417 of them through Erbil International Airport and 2,629 of them Sulaymaniyah international airport road and 3,284 people through Haji Omaran border gate and 20 thousand and 809 people through Ibrahim Khalil border gate and 3 thousand and 983 were from bashmakh border crossing and 639 were through the Parwezkhan border crossing.


The krg's interior ministry statistics also showed that the number of Iraqi citizens travelling abroad this week was 40,15.

According to the statistics, the number of foreigners who entered the Kurdistan Region was 39,299.





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