Kurdistan Regional Fatwa Council: No one is allowed to decide on halal and haram.

12:32 - 13/08/2022

The Kurdistan Religious Fatwa Council: has issued a statement on the speeches and fatwas of a section of religious teachers and preachers on social media.


The Kurdistan Religious Fatwa Council said: "In the media and social media, speeches and statements of preachers and a part of religious teachers are published that decide on many aspects of life, which is their opinion and is not considered as a fatwa."


They also say: the committee of fatwa in Kurdistan region is in the authority of fatwa high council

"Meanwhile, a video of religious preachers has been published in Kurdistan Region about Halal and Haram, and they have been deciding on some sensitive subjects and things," they said.


At the end of the explanation, the Fatwa council said: "Some religious teachers or callers are saying that going to bazaar without any reasons and chatting among the girls and boys are haram, We have already talked about it and we have fatwas on it."

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