Most of the passengers on the broken yacht of Greece are Kurds

10:26 - 11/08/2022

The head of the European Association of Returned Refugees reveals that of the 93 passengers on the submerged yacht in Greece, only 29 have been rescued. He also says: All of them are Kurdish, Iranian and Afghans, most of whom are Kurds from the Kurdistan Region and hajiawa district.



Bakr Ali, head of the European Association of Returned Refugees, said at a press conference: "Through our representative who was the interpreter of the passengers who were rescued, we received information that at 5:00 a.m. yesterday Wednesday, the yacht was destroyed due to waves of sea in the south of Rodus Island.


He also revealed that 93 passengers were on the yacht, 29 of whom had been rescued and 64 were missing.

As for their identities, the head of the European Refugee Association revealed that the passengers were Kurds, Afghans and Iranians, but most of them were Kurds in southern Kurdistan and people in Hajiawa district.

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