The political parties did not reach an agreement and their meeting with Plasskhaert ended

12:23 - 10/08/2022

Similar to the other meetings, this time's meeting of political parties for the region's leadership, with the UN envoy, ended in conclusively and failed to reach an agreement on elections and amendments to the election law.


According to a source involved in the meeting, there has been no change in the views of the parties at the political parties' meetings on both the election law amendment and the commission's activation.



"Setting a new date for elections depends on the agreement of the political parties on the issue of amending the election law and activating the commission," the source said.

According to the source, the problems with election law, seats in components and postponing elections have been assigned to another meeting scheduled for the beginning of next month, when the region's political parties hold another meeting in the region's leadership.

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