Change movement published a statement on the occasion of passing of 13 years on the first political participation.

05:45 - 24/07/2022

On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the first political participation of the Movement in the political field, the movement issued a message emphasizing their continued non-violent struggle to fight corruption and political injustice and austerity, stressing that sooner or later they will achieve their goals.


The statement of the Movement:

Congratulations on the anniversary of the real success of civil struggle and parliament

Dear citizens,

Thirteen years have passed since the first participation and victory of change movement in the third round of the Kurdistan Parliament election. Today is the anniversary of the real success of the civil and parliamentary struggle with the support of a willful audience of the Kurdistan community.


The Change Movement has gone through various stages of political strife and multi-dimensional political conflict, and has faced a system of great success and also major failures. Faced the mismanagement and strife of a structure of corruption, stirring up the voices of citizens and weakening the dominance of officials in the imagination of citizens and making people the center of politics.


In the political opposition phase and at the stage of participating in the government, the movement insisted on its political agenda and put the experience of hiding income, the experience of party intervention in the joints of life, at universities, in bazaar, in peshmerga and local areas, in courts and government institutions, they put all in front of people's critics and complaints.


The Change Movement has chosen the second from the pathways towards violence, reform and change, and has put its political, parliamentary, media and mass escaping the parliamentary struggle to correct the Kurdistan Regional Government's system of governance, and has succeeded in restoring public confidence in civil diligence.



In his book (dro w draw), the late Nawshirwan Mustafa says, "We have a political program from the beginning. It's not just to criticize it, but to participate in the government so that we can do it all through the election. Unfortunately, during the 13 years, the implementation of Change's political programme was not allowed to be implemented in the fields of life, finance, social and cultural.



Something should be said that the formation of the Change movement and the shaking of the bases of injustice and injustice were through voting. Pride goes back to his citizens, Nawshirwan Mustafa, and his colleagues as reform engineers in Kurdistan to achieve and establish the right to freedom, justice, dignity and a democratic country; there is no choice but to strive for success, sooner or later it will be achieved because the fate of the Kurds is freedom.


Change Movement 


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