Central Bank: We can't change the price of dollar at the moment.

01:37 - 02/07/2022

The Central Bank of Iraq expects foreign currency reserves to reach 90 billion US dollars, stressing that they cannot change the US dollar price at the moment.


Amar Khalaf, deputy governor of the Central Bank, said: "Currently, foreign currency reserves are more than 70 billion dollars and we expect it to reach 90 billion dollars by the end of this year."


There is no any excuse for changing and decreasing the price of dollar.


Khalaf also says that the fall in the dollar's price is related to the market, and if we lower it, the country's economy will collapse, and this is related to the country's financial policy.


Meanwhile, in December 2020, the Central Bank of the Iraqi Government raised the price of every 100 US dollars to 145,000 Iraqi dinars.

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