Goran fraction didn't vote for the amendment of oil and gas law.

02:07 - 29/06/2022

The oil and gas law was amended by 79 parliamentarians and the Change faction did not vote.


Gulstan Saeed, head of the Change faction in the Kurdistan Parliament, told NN Digital Media: In today's session, 79 of PUK and PDK parliamentarians voted for the amendment and change and other parties did not vote for approval.


Meanwhile, last Monday, the Kurdistan Parliament did the second  reading to amend to the kurdistan-Iraq oil and gas law bill, which another member will be added to the oil and gas council who is Omid Sabah, head of the council of ministers.



The oil and gas council before the amendment consists of the prime minister, the minister of natural resources, the deputy prime minister, the planning minister, and the finance minister. According to this division, the council is now two members of PDK and two members of PUK and one member of Change movement. 



By adding another member of the council, Omed Sabah, PDK wants to make the number of council members six, and the amendment also includes that in the event of a decision to be divided equally into three-thirds, the prime minister's vote will be decisive for each side.


 In this case, the PDK team wants to have fifty plus one without problems for any decision sought by the Oil and Gas Council.



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