Dana gas company: gas production continues.

09:49 - 27/06/2022

 The development of the Kormor 250 farm expansion project has been temporarily suspended, but gas production is continuing, the dangas company said, adding that the missile attack at Kormor field did not cause any damage.


The UAE's Dana Gas Company, which invests in Kormor field in Qadir Karam district, has issued a statement about missile attacks on the field over the past few days, saying gas production at The Kormor Field continues and that the missile attack has not caused any damage to the field.


They also say that the development of the Cormor 250 field expansion project has been temporarily suspended, and the governments of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq have taken all measures to protect the farm.


The cormor gas field has been attacked three times in four days by unknown people, but so far no one or party has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Kormor field is one of the main gas production fields in the Kurdistan Region and now produces more than 450 million cubic feet of natural gas on a daily basis.

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