Qubad Talabani talks about the effects of the attacks on the fields and the withdrawal of foreign companies.

11:54 - 25/06/2022

The KRG's deputy prime minister said "investigations about the attacks on the region's oil and gas fields are continuing and discusses the consequences of the attacks.


Qubad Talabani, deputy prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, said in a press conference that investigations on missile attacks and the targeting the region's oil and gas fields are on going.


"The attack on Kormor field did not cause any material damage or casualties, and the threats did not affect the outcome of companies," he said.


"Two Katyusha missiles were fired at the Kormor gas field but the attack did not cause any material or casualties and fell outside the staff camp," Qadir Karam district manager Sadiq Mohammed told KNN.


Ahmad Mufti, deputy of ministry of natural resources, said: "We assure the citizens of Kurdistan that the attack did not cause any casualties and that natural gas production in the field is continuing and that the control of material damage has been done."


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