Minister of Commerce and Industry: The region will be an important business center.

10:10 - 23/06/2022

The region's commerce minister held a press conference on the market situation and the price of food supplies.

"We need to store food in the right place so that it will not be expired, and will not import it abroad," said Kamal Muslim, the region's trade minister.


He also pointed out that the region will become an important trade center and they want to send food to other countries.

"A research center for plastic houses will be established under the supervision of experts outside the region," he said.


Kamal Muslim also said: "Through plastic houses, they can compensate for the production of food supplies in areas where their products have been shattered due to drought."


Regarding the reasons for the rise in food prices in the region, the trade minister said: "There are some reasons that are outside the will of the KRG, the most notable of which is the overall rise in food prices in the world and the price of US dollar. 

"We are trying to prevent the price of food supplies in the region from rising much more," he said.

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