The Iraqi parliament allocates an amount of money to some classes of people of the region.

01:52 - 05/06/2022

The head of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi parliament has pointed to the provision of more than 10 trillion dinars in the emergency support bill to resolve the four-classes of people, which includes the Kurdistan Region.


"We held a meeting with members of the committee to complete the emergency support bill so that it can be read and passed before the parliamentary holiday comes," said Hassan al-Kaabi, head of the Iraqi parliament's finance committee.



"More than 10 trillion dinars have been provided to the ministry of commerce to buy farmers' wheat, import food supplies and spend on farmers' merits," he said.



"Part of the money is provided to the ministry of electricity to protect electricity in the summer and another part to spend petrodollars," he said.


He also mentioned that solving the problems of contract employees and lecturers is another class that has been provided with some of the money. 

"The money will be for the ministries and classes of the Kurdistan Region also, according to the shares of the ministries and provinces," he said.


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