Tourism traffic between the region and Iran has risen to 5,000 people a day.

10:36 - 28/05/2022

Currently, tourist traffic between the region and Iran is on the rise, and car traffic is likely to be 24 hours a day in the near future.


Abdullah Akrayi, director of relations between Kurdistan and Iran, said: "With the current facilities available at the crossings, tourist traffic is continuing to increase, and now the number of tourists on summer holidays is about five thousand a day."


He also says: "Now there is only one problem which has been promised to be solved, so that the car traffic will be 24 hours a day, which we have taken and we are waiting for Iran to take the same step."



"Two thousand people used to travel daily, and now on summer holidays, the number is constantly on the rise," the director of relations between The Kurdistan Regional Government and Iran explained to the PDK website.

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