The content of the two points Plasschaert is going to talk with the parties.

08:08 - 26/05/2022

At 2:00 p.m. today in Erbil, Jenin Plaskhart, the representative of the General Secretary of the United Nations in Iraq, is scheduled to meet with representatives of the political parties in the Kurdistan Region. The issue of elections, the reconciliation of Kurdish homes and relations between Erbil and Baghdad will be the content of the meeting.


According to KNN information, the meeting will be attended by the first of six political parties, including Omar Said Alli, Fazil Mirani, Alli Bapir, Salahaddin Babakir, Shaswar Abdulwahid.



As KNN knows, two topics will be discussed at the meeting:
First- The matter of elections, the mechanism of it, and appointing a day of the election.
Second- the situation of Kurdistan region and its relations with Baghdad.


The meeting came after Plasschaert spoke to the Security Council last week about the situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, particularly on elections to give equal opportunities to the parties.


As she stressed, the division of green and yellow zones in the Kurdistan region should end and everyone should have equal opportunities and provide a healthy environment for elections.


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