The patriotic Union and democratic Party will meet.

07:59 - 25/05/2022

After much conflict and media fighting, PDK and PUK delegations are going to meet today in the region's presidency, and the issue of postponing the election is one of the strong possibilities.


Today, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Regional presidency, under the leadership of Nechirvan Barzani, vice president of the PDK and Bafl Talabani, in the presence of Fazil Mirani, Mahmood Muhammad, Azad Barwari and Izzadin Barwari from PDK delegation, as well as in the presence of The Union delegation( Darbaz Kosrat, Soran Jamal Tahir and Rafat Abdullah).


As KNN, knew that of the dispute between the two sides will be discussed and both sides show each other the causes of their disputes. both sides will prepare a committee to solve the disputes between them. 


According to the information, Janine Plaschart, will attend the meeting of today. 

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