Turkish aircraft bombard Chamchamal border.

08:06 - 21/05/2022

Turkish warplanes bombed Khalkhalan hill in Akhjaleri district of Chamchamal.


According to a witness, the bombing took place in the village of Tutaqali in Khalkhalan mountain.



Hemn Bahzad, the manager of Akhjaler district, said that drones bombed the border of Tutaqali village three times this morning, causing a fire in the area.


"The aircraft bombed a vehicle and caused fire in the area. Civil defense teams and security forces have rushed to the scene and are investigating the incident," he said.



According to the preliminary information, five people died because of that bombardment

Because of the danger of repeated bombardments, a part of the border farmers and those who have animals have left the area.



While farmers across the border are busy harvesting their crops, a farmer told KNN: The bombardment was a kilometer away from our workplace for fear of a repeat of the bombardment, we left the place. 


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