Salih Muslim: Neither Nawshirwan Mustafa nor Goran have ever betrayed.

02:08 - 20/05/2022

Neither Nawshirwan Mustafa nor Goran have joined hands with the enemy against the Kurdish people, according to Salih Muslim.


Salih Muslim, a member of pyda's co-presidency, talked about late Nawshirwan Mustafa's vision for the struggle of parts of Kurdistan while participating in knn channel's news . Nawshirwan Mustafa had an important vision for building unity among the Kurdish parties, which was an important necessity for the situation in Kurdistan, but there were many obstacles that the dream didn't come truth. 



Regarding the obstacles to the unification of kurdish parties, Salih Muslim described the division of political parties over the countries as one of the main obstacles, noting that the integration of some parties with the enemy was a major obstacle so that the Kurds could not form a broad unity between the parties.


Nawshirwan Mustafa has never done something with the interest of the enemy to influence other parts of Kurdistan by agreement with the enemies of the Kurdish people. Also his movement didn't do anything that harm damage the kurdish unity. 

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