Change movement and Patriotic Union of kurdistan warn about people's situation

06:58 - 18/05/2022

PUK and Change Movement warn of a political deadlock between the parties and insist on the need to remove barriers of the relations of the parties. 

Tuesday, a PUK delegation led by Rizgar Ali, a member of the political bureau's administrative board and a number of members of the party's leadership political bureau, visited The Change Movement's chief (Mako) in Sulaimaniyah and met with a delegation of the National Assembly.


The meeting discussed the political situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, also the difficult lives of Kurdistan's citizens and salaried people was a part of the discussion.


The two sides stressed that the political deadlock between the parties is a dangerous event that puts the national unity and political harmony between the parties and the regional political process under question, so that obstacle should be put aside as soon as possible. The issue of legal reform of elections, which has become a popular and comprehensive demand throughout the Kurdistan Region, is to take a common national stance on the draft and protect the achievements.

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