Next month the detainees of Sheladze will be released.

12:29 - 16/05/2022

Badinan detainees' lawyers held a press conference in front of the court, noting that sheladze's detainees had been sentenced for two years in prison. 

On Monday, May 16, 2022, the trial of five imprisoned Sheladze activists was held at the Erbil 2 criminal court, all five of whom were arrested in December 2020. 

The prisoners who have been in the trial are:

1- Mahmood Naji Sadiq. 

2- Nechirvan Badi'e Haji.  

3- Kuvan Tariq Jubraiel.  

4- Yusuf Sharif Ibrahim.

5. Amjad Yusuf Mustafa. 

The lawyers' team said: "All of them have been sentenced to two years in prison and will be released next month."

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