The federal supreme court canceled the decision of The Minister of Oil

01:45 - 21/09/2022

Iraq's Federal Supreme Court has overturned a decision by Iraqi oil minister on the establishment of an oil company.

The Federal Supreme Court overturned the decision to assign current oil minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar to the management of the national oil company.

The Federal Supreme Court issued a statement stating that Articles 2 and 3 of the Council of Ministers in Resolutions 109 of 2020 and 211 of 2021, which relate to the steps taken to establish a national oil company and appoint Ihsan Abdul Jabbar as the company's president, will be repealed.


It also came in the statement that "following this decision, criminal decisions will be issued as a result of the losses caused by the unconstitutional decisions," pointing out that "there is perjury because the constitutional violation came against Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and the current oil minister and I try to atone for my guilt towards the Iraqis."


Finally, the Federal Supreme Court says that failure to protect public property will destroy the country because of its duties under articles 29-36 of the Constitution.

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