Minister of Electricity: We will provide more electricity.

11:02 - 26/06/2022

The region's electricity minister announced that several power stations will start to work this month and next month, it will lead to increase the amount of electricity and electricity. He also says: 250 megawatts of electricity will increase this week.


Kamal Mohammed Salih, the regional government's electricity minister, said the electricity demand this season is 4,000 megawatts, what is now produced is 3,100 megawatts, but several units are under renovation.

He stressed that with the renovation of these stations, electricity production and hours will increase.


He also explained that this week it is scheduled to add 150 megawatts of electricity to the general electricity at the Khabat station and 100 megawatts from a unit of the Mas station.


As he has revealed that electricity production will increase next month, in a way that the Tasluja station will run 51 megawatts, and by the end of July, three units of 29 megawatts, which will give 87 megawatts, will be put to work, and 38 megawatts of the Deraluk station will be put into action.


The minister of electricity also noted that in September this year a large electricity station will provide electricity in Bazian, which is 500 megawatts.

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