Change Movement puts people's demands in front of the regional presidency delegation.

04:58 - 22/05/2022

After his visit to Change movement, the president of kurdistan region declared that the situation in the region has worried citizens and that the political parties should form a consensus. the spokesman of the movement said that the regional presidency is responsibile for the current situation and will soon respond to the demands of the People of Kurdistan.



after the visit of the delegation of kurdistan presidency, Nechivan Barzany told KNN that the current situation is of concern to the our presidency, the government and parliament, and we need to discuss it with the political parties, the government and parliament.


"I am optimistic about my visit for the political parties and everyone has emphasized on the existence of political consensus," he said.


Regarding the warnings of Jenin Plaskhart, the UN special envoy to Iraq, he said "The statements of the UN official are eager for the situation in the region and we need to take the concerns into consideration."


For his part, Dler Abdulkhaliq, the spokesman of Change movement, said about the content of the meeting "we talked frankly about the political, economic and social situations of the people and talked about that people are waiting for reform, the improvement of the situation in the region, as well as the poor relations between the PUK and PDK, have had a negative impact on how the region is run, collecting revenue sources and disabling institutions, which has increased people's concerns.



The agenda and the message of Change Movement still is working, and with great pleasure, it is the product of people and civil struggle, which other parties now see change's political agenda as a medicine for solving problems," he said.


The spokesman of change movement stressed that they had openly expressed concerns that the government would not comply with people's demands, and that they had put the regional presidency in charge of resolving the situation quickly.

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