In its annual report, the US. Department of State talks about PDK and PUK.

01:07 - 13/04/2022

The Us State Department published a special report in 2021 on human rights in countries around the world, and according to this report, which a part of it specified is to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, many aspects have been discussed like: bad situation of freedom and the management of the country.


 At the beginning of the report, the US State Department discussed the issue of Iraq's elections, pointing to a change in the transparency of the elections in Iraq, saying: After the 2019 protests, there was a reason for holding elections. And the election was held freely and fairly under international supervision, but military militia groups began spreading fears and intimidation before the elections, which could have affected the outcome of the elections.


Regarding the October 2020 protests, the report cited a large number of violence against demonstrators, revealing that so far 54 demonstrators are missing and 86 activists have been attempted to kill and 35 have been killed.


The US State Department's report discusses the situation in the Kurdistan Region and freedoms, in which it has been reported by human rights organizations that several reports have been made against the regional authorities regarding the bad situation of freedoms and freedom of expression. In the case of Badinan prisoners, the US State Department says: The authorities have arrested journalists and activists and have been arrested for a long time without trial or any charges.


It has also been revealed that several people have been arrested and detained without trial by peshmerga security and forces without charge or imposition of any crime.


The report highlighted the fact that the PDK and the PUK are running their security agencies separately, separating peshmerga forces, and that the Kurdistan Region does not have a national force.


Regarding the mismanagement of security and security forces in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the US State Department says that several reports by civil society organisations have pointed out that because of the failure in management of the security forces, the federal police, PMF ( Popular Mobilization Forces) and regional security forces are torturing and treating them brutally.









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