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Last updated at 31/01/2018

76 wounded, 47 martyrs arrived at Afrin Hospital until now

The administrator of Afrin Hospital specialist in surgery, Dr. Jwan Mohammed said that the wounded in critical condition and most of them lost parts of their body as a result of heavy Turkish air raids on the region, and pointed out that 76 wounded and 47 martyrs arrived at the hospital so far.

This came during a press conference held by Avrin hospital administration, to clarify the situation of the wounded.

Dr. Jwan Mohammed said that the number of wounded is increasing day by day. “We treat the wounded who are lightly injured and discharged from the hospital. Due to the heavy pressure on the hospital, there are now 76 civilians in the intensive care room, including 17 children and 14 women, and 45 men. “

“As of the beginning of the aerial shelling, 47 civilians have been martyred as a result of artillery and aerial shelling, including 16 children, 11 women and 20 men.

He pointed out that the staff of Avrin Hospital tries to save as many civilians as possible, noting that the injuries of most of the civilians are critical.

“We have terrible injuries, there are those who lost his foot or his hand, the Turkish occupation planes directly shelling the civilians.”

Dr. Joan Mohammed said at the end of his speech that all those who come to the hospital at a large age, children and women.

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