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Last updated at 30/01/2018

Gorran boycotted Kurdistan parliament session calling for stronger stance

The Change Movement (Gorran) boycotted the Kurdistan Parliament session handling the attacks on Afrin with other issued asking to dedicate the whole session to Afrin.

In a press conference held outside the parliament hall, Birzo Majeed, the head of Gorran‌s parliamentary bloc condemns Turkey's attacks saying that the parliament should not just issue announcements, but take action through decrees and recommendations such as reopening crossings between the Kurdistan Region and Rojava.

“We have left the session because the parliament has not made decisions to provide political, diplomatic and logistic support for Afrin. Our demand from the parliament was to put pressure on the government in this regard," he added

Brzo Majeed also stated that: "We wanted the Turkish state to leave Southern Kurdistan territories and the border gate between Bashur and Rojava to open.”

He said they asked for "today‌s session to be dedicated to just discuss the Afrin situation."

He added that it was a “shame” for the Kurdistan parliament to end up only issuing statements and announcements on Afrin.

Earlier this week Gorran criticized both Kurdistan Regional Government and Kurdistan parliament for keeping silence toward Turkey's assault on Afrin.  

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