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Last updated at 29/01/2018

Turkish army uses prohibited weapons against civilians: Daily Express

British newspaper Sunday Express accused the Turkish occupation army of using Napalm and forbidden weapons in Afrin accusing it of violating international law, while the Independent newspaper described the Turks as “criminals”.

The British newspaper pointed to the escalation of Turkish aggression on Afrin through the shelling and the use of internationally prohibited weapons, in a report entitled “As the intensity of fighting Turkey uses Napalm against civilians in Syria.”

The newspaper confirmed that Turkey is violating international law using Napalm against civilians in Syria as clashes between the Turkish army and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued.

“The Turkish army is using prohibited Napalm against civilians,” the newspaper quoted the co-chair of the Democratic Council of Syria, Ilham Ahmed, as calling the council a “non-Islamic secularist” who said Turkey was using banned weapons against civilians.

The newspaper noted that “international law does not specifically prohibit the use of Napalm against military targets, but prohibits its use against the civilian population, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.”

The Independent newspaper, in turn, confirmed that “Turkey is ethnically cleansing in Afrin through artillery shelling against civilians, targeting houses and annihilating entire families, describing the Turks as criminals,” according to a report that Turkey claims to fight People‌s Protection Units (YPG) but targets civilians and kill them with artillery shelling.

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