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Last updated at 22/01/2018

Iraq parliament confirms May 12 as date for elections, president approves it

Iraq‌s parliament has confirmed May 12 as the date for holding a parliamentary election on Monday. The Iraqi President approves the decision.

In its today's session, the Iraqi parliament confirms May 12 as the date for Iraq's general election following the deep disagreement between parties and blocs.

Following the Parliament confirmation, the Iraqi president has issued the presidential decree approving the scheduled date for the election.

The Iraqi Parliament also approved the amendment of election law including the approval of the Change Movement (Gorran) bloc's proposal to provide one quota seat for Kurdish Faily people In Wasit province. According to the amendment, the candidates for parliamentary elections must hold at least bachelor degree.

Lawmakers failed to reach agreement when they last met to discuss the election date on Saturday. Sunni and some of the Kurdish politicians, excluding Gorran, Komal blocs,  had demanded that the vote is put back at least one year to allow hundreds of thousands of citizens displaced by battles against ISIL insurgents to return home and cast their ballots.

The Supreme Federal Court on Sunday ruled against calls by Sunni and Kurdish lawmakers to delay the election to allow hundreds of thousands of people displaced by war to return home.

Shi‘ite politicians, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi who is seeking re-election, had argued delaying the election would be unconstitutional.
May's elections will be the fourth since the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled former president Saddam Hussein.

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