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Last updated at 02/01/2018

KRG ready to collaborate with Iraq over borders, airports: official

A spokesperson of The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said on Tuesday they welcome any positive signal to start a dialogue between the Kurdistan and Iraqi governments.

According to the statement published on the KRG official website, spokesperson Safeen Dizayee reiterated Kurdistan‌s position on seeking peaceful ways to resolving the issues between Erbil and Baghdad through negotiations based on the Iraqi constitution.

The statement follows the remarks made by advisors to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi who claimed the KRG had agreed to handover border crossings and airports to Iraqi authorities.

KRG emphasized that matter in a meeting last week, welcoming any steps that pave the way for dialogue between both sides.,” Dizayee said.

The statement also highlighted the steps made by Baghdad last week, notably an Iraqi government delegation‌s planned visit to Kurdistan and the forming of joint committees for talks over borders, airports, and dams in the Kurdistan Region.

“Erbil considers Baghdad‌s request to provide the list of employees from the KRG‌s Ministries of Education and Health to begin sending employee salaries as a good gesture,” the statement explained.

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