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Last updated at 04/05/2014

Talabani‌'s Militia and PUK Media‌'s Dangerous Plan to Change Election Results

One of Gorran's Observer lies in hospital after the assault
SLEMANI, Kurdistan region- The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan‌'s militia kidnapped six of Gorran's observers of the election in Slemani in Albisaka where the vote were counted.  

All political parties sent their members to the place where the vote were counted to observe the process so that election fraud is prevented.
Gorran‌'s observers were caught by the PUK‌'s militia accusing them of carrying guns while they were taking food and drink to the staff and other members who were busy counting the votes.   

PUK media put their guns on their cars and filmed them to show that they are criminals. The  militias accuse them of baseless violation. They have tortured Gorran's observers and force them to confess to false allegations and the PUK media posted their photos and videos online.
The court has not decided whether they are criminals or not as the spokesman for the Police Directorate of Slemani, Sarkawt Ahmed, says that their cases have been sent to the courthouse. He added that they can file a complaint against those who tortured them. 

The PUK media said that Gorran‌'s observers were there to create disorder. “I did not say they came to create disorder and I will not say that” Ahmed told Sbeiy.
Gorran observers were holding official badges and were officially allowed by the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).  

Gorran Movement, in a statement, announced that Gorran‌'s observers were there to protect the votes as the PUK publically violated in other elections the regulations of the IHEC many times.

“Gorran‌'s observers were arrested by the PUK‌'s militia without an order from the court. They were forced to confess to baseless claims by attacking them illegally. The PUK‌'s media also treated the matter the same way their militia did” part of the statement reads.  

Gorran Movement heavily condemns the action and reminds the voters that the PUK has a great fear against people‌'s determination and votes.  

“The PUK‌'s Counter- Terrorism Group tried to fake the votes just the way they did in the September 2013 parliamentary elections, in the same place, Albisaka and that Gorran‌'s observers stopped them,” the statement reads.
With regard to the head of IHEC in Slemani, Hawre Tofiq‌'s partiality and working to implement the PUK's agenda, Gorran Movement says they are obliged to intensively monitor the counting process.
“Those who have participated in the act will face legal charges in the future as their names are kept by Gorran. The same militia group attacked many people and Gorran members and observers in other parts of Kurdistan region during the election” part of the statement reads. 

Gorran Movement asserts that people‌'s votes will be protected and they won‌'t tolerate any kind of fraud.
In relation to people‌'s expectation in the security forces, Gorran Movement reaffirms that this sort of act will weaken people‌'s trust in the security forces because they have been used to personal interests.
Gorran Movement rejects all the accusations and says that some of the detainees have been in hospital due to severe attacks. This inhumane and illegal act puts into question the PUK media‌'s ethics of journalism.

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