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Last updated at 18/04/2014

Challenges Gorran Movement Faces: Rule in KRG‌'s Eighth Cabinet

Ali Hama Salih Member of the Kurdistan Parliament from Gorran Movement
Ali Hama Salih


Member of the Kurdistan Parliament from Gorran Movement 

A high-ranking party official told Nawshirwan Mustafa, Gorran Movement‌'s General Coordinator, that administrating the Ministry of Peshmarga is hard for Gorran.

Mustafa‌'s reply was, “any ministry that cannot be administrated by other parties, give it to Gorran. Gorran can administrate it. In fact, Gorran can administrate all the ministries of the Kurdistan region.”

Gorran is expected to hold the Finance and Peshmarga Ministries, the most problematic ones.  

There are so many big crises in the region. Gorran have the potential to solve them all through the posts that are given to it as an election entitlement.  

First: the Military is the hands of parties, not the government. Until this very moment the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have their own militaries. Gorran, through holding the position of the Peshmarga Ministry, will terminate party military and will create a state military. This will be a very immense achievement.  

Second: the crises of money and delays in salary. We all know and are aware of the corruption, the failure of the economy and the non-transparency in the incomes of oil and internal incomes. Gorran will solve these problems and the crises of money by holding the Finance Ministry. Gorran will open monetary funds for energy revenue.

Third: the political system. The problems of the political system will be resolved through Kurdistan Parliament and Gorran via holding the position of the speaker of the parliament.

Fourth: the fragility of the economic infrastructure and waste of land. Gorran will also solve this problem through having strategic plans via opening Investment Group.  

Fifth: crises of recording the names of the companies, food forms, factory authorization, religious and social awareness: Gorran will solve these problems through holding the positions of Endowment and Religious Affairs, Trade and Industry Ministries.

These and other activities are done through holding posts of ministries and governors and we as Members of the Kurdistan Parliament will keep an eye on Gorran‌'s example of administration of the affairs of the citizens of Kurdistan.   

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