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Last updated at 20/01/2018

Gorran condemns Turkey's offensive against Afrin

The statement from Change Movement (Gorran)

At the present, the Afrin Canton faces the invasion and attack from Turkish army and other Syrian opposition armed groups. The Change Movement (Gorran) condemns all types of attacks and invading, calls for stop all attacks and solving problems through talks and negotiation. 

We also call United Nations, International Organizations, The International Coalition against ISIS to start practical steps to prevent Turkish army attack and invade on Afrin Canton, which will cause the killing of civilian people.  The International community's quiet toward that invading is vindicating the breach against human rights and civilians in those regions whom they want to live serenely and govern themselves, while their young sons and daughters sacrificed in fighting ISIS in frontlines. 

The Change Movement (Gorran) in this condition asserts on supporting entire rational rights of Afrin canton people and calls for respect human rights and freedoms for all various components in that regions.

The Change Movement (Gorran)

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